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"Think about it, Simmons.
The ability to nap whenever I want,
and Sarge could never find me.
Invisible nap is the
best nap of all time."

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You—you wouldn’t!
You? Get to someone quicker than I could?
I doubt that.

If you did that, I’d just get all the god damn rations-
-And be left with a bitchy Grif!

…..Shut up.

doubt it all you want
we all know you wouldnt risk it
you never know, i might be able to haul ass if i feel like it

aw, sugar tits, you just wanna see me happy


You better listen to me, fatass!

And you bet I’d dare!
I think Sarge would be very happy to hear the truth!
And you know how I am when it comes to superiors…

better listen to you? 
not fucking likely

maybe i pull out whatever is under here and show him that
ill bet i could get to him first

ill bet all the fucking rations in this god damn place, too
im that serious simmons

shut your stupid virgin hole

and i mean your mouth.
not the other one.



              { Yawwwwwwwns. }

                            Uh huh. Color me impressed. Really, I’m just amazed by your genius and gorgeous looks.

                     { She’s being a smartass. Will he catch on? Probably not. }

i cant really blame you.
it is a lot to take in.

all this junk in the trunk is a massive responsibility. 
we probably couldn’t trust a girl with it, after all.

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What did I just say?!

Grif! Grif—stop!
Stop it, god dammit!

You better not be looking—
—-I swear to god!

I guess I’ll just have to tell Sarge about what REALLY happened to last month’s rations!

what? huh?
i dont know… what’d you just say?

i mean, yeah simmons… whatever you say

… …
you wouldnt dare you spineless little jerk.

ingenixre sent: //..I am crying with laughter ;u;

{ im SO GLAD me and tex are not the only ones who find it so funny omfg

ingenixre sent: //OMFG how did I miss Yoga Grif? This is amazing.

i just love……….. yoga grif……….. and he teaches tex yoga so she doesnt beat him up……….. and stares at her bum the whole time……….. and hes actually rly good at yoga and it surprises everyone……


yoga ft tex and grif
high resolution →


never forget yogagrif 2k13


Don’t call me babe!

No! No!
No we can’t!
It—it’s still embarrassing, Grif!

Nnnno! No!
You’re not looking in that trunk, no way!
Even if I did have more secrets-
They’re secrets for a reason!

im not looking in the trunk, babe….
because theres no secrets in there.

totally… not… loo… king…
in the trunk.

under your bunk.
in our room…

not doing it.
no secrets to be found ‘round here…




                   What was that?

                           Sorry, wasn’t listening. You talk way too much, lard ass.

y’know the difference between us? 
i mean, besides incredible intelligence and stunning good looks that i have, and you lack. (obviously!)

i can carry my lard ass.
you on the other hand, can’t rock it as well as me, and you kinda seem bitter about it

i also don’t mean like physically
you could outrun me by miles, and i don’t run.
red team regulation. 
i don’t make the rules ‘round here, just follow the ones i feel like…

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